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Awww The first maternity agency that caters to all non-medical pregnancy needs

1.38 Million impressions

4X Return on Investment

 3.89%              Engagement

Time taken to achieve thisJust 4 months
Primary ObjectivesBrand Awareness
Revenue Generation

Focus 1: Brand Awareness


Gaining visibility and engagement for the brand and hence generating traffic on the new website from social media channels. When it comes to maternity non-medical options, the choices are a handful and awareness limited.


Brand awareness is what drives consumer behavior and decisions. It encourages repeat purchases and also contributes to the market share and incremental sales.


Our approach was to create a need for the product and then make its visibility in the online community felt. The idea was to showcase maternity essentials a necessity and not simply luxury. We planned a 3-pillar approach for both visibility and engagement.

The 3 pillars were Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and along with these the main website ranking

Our 1st quarter strategy was an instant hit and the client gained both mass visibility & engagement in just 4 months.

The client’s website also was placed on focus and had a jump in the total number of unique visitors. We worked on increasing the average session duration and decrease bounce rate.

Social Engagement

Even though maternity as a concept is women centric, our approach and strategic planning helped garner engagement from the male visitors as well.

Awww Web Design Trends

Focus 2: Retention


After the 1st successful milestone our next challenge was to sustain the newly acquired users on social media channels and the website


Startups have a tendency to shoot up and then die off quickly. We were focused on not letting this happen. We wanted to acquire new users while sustaining the ones we already had


We ensured optimal experience and interactive strategies to push the retention rate. And, as per industry standards a retention rate for 18.91% was a good start for the quarter We also managed to get a 12-level web interaction on the client’s sub-domains as well signifying curiosity and interest in products and services

Graph LBC

Focus 3: Revenue Generation


Generating conversions from new and retained users


Gaining visibility and retention would only propose value when converted to transactions and revenue for the client


Our online approach and extensive web push with a user-friendly interface ensured the sessions turned into numbers

Within the quarter we ensured 4x return on investment.

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