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What Makes eCommerce Business More Sustainable?

₹7 trillionThe expected acceleration to India’s e-commerce market by 2023, due to the recent pandemic.  (source GlobalData)

With most businesses now going online, e-commerce website is now proving to be the right platform to scale your business.


By giving you more outreach and profitable growth, without having to worry about expanding your business location or moving to a larger premise.

So, what makes e-commerce business more sustainable?

E-commerce can offer businesses a whole range of opportunities, from marketing, to increase in the product range, to generate more sales . All this with an optimized and well-developed website.

Combine all this with round the clock, convenient service, and boom! You get the boost your business needs.

How is e-commerce development being propelled by already established players?

  • In May 2020, chocolate maker Hershey India partnered with Swiggy and Dunzo to launch their flagship online store to increase reach.
  • Reliance is planning to invest Rs 20,0000 crore (US$ 2.86 billion) in its telecom business to expand its broadband and e-commerce presence and to offer 5G services. (source
  • The ‘Digital India” trend is also been pushed extensively by the Indian government also signalling toward an e-commerce development trend.

Still, wondering if you should get your business online?

Here a few reasons why you need to jump on to the bandwagon right away:

1. Global Market: An e-commerce website gives access to your products and services, throughout the world regardless of time and distance differences.

2. Better marketing through social media: The e-commerce website allows better marketing strategies and engagement by directing traffic to your product or service, which is not possible when your business is offline.

3. Fewer overheads: E-commerce businesses without a doubt makes it much cheaper to sell and showcase your products or service as they eliminate the cost of rents, security, utility bills, and in-store staff.

4. Protected from external factors: Though we can hope not to have another global pandemic, these occurrences do happen and slow down business drastically. But getting online can ensure that even if you have no walk-ins your business does not halt completely. 

5.  Influence buying: Potential buyers usually go to the Internet to learn more about what they want to buy or which service to avail.

Having your product/service showcased on a website increases the chance of sales as it allows customers to explore more and make a decision right away rather than the physical effort of going to a store.

6. Personalized purchases: E-commerce helps customers to stay connected through the entire purchase process by providing a more personalized feel like order tracking, delivery, and other product recommendations.

As per statistics, India’s E-commerce revenue is expected to growing at an annual rate of 51% by 2020, the highest in the world. (source

So, what would you need?

  • Platform: There are a variety of CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. While WordPress is a more versatile platform, others such as Magento have been specifically designed for e-commerce website development. It is important to know your best options based on your business need.
  • Website security: With a growing number of websites being hacked and data breach, security is one factor you just cannot miss. SSL certificate, HTTPS, secure transmissions are all aspects you need to take into account.  

It is important to make sure your e-commerce website development company knows all the ins and outs to make your site secure.

  • SEO: To attract more customers to your e-commerce website, you would also need to optimize website pages to rank up on search results. Meta descriptions keyword ranking, URLs all need to be managed to help rank up.

While these are the more common aspects, you will also need site speed, site search, mobile optimization, and a lot more to build a strong and sustainable e-commerce platform.

In today’s busy lifestyle, customers are constantly looking for the quickest and easiest ways to get what they need.

With this rapid rise in both, internet usage and online retail, capitalizing on the trend has become even more important. If you are looking for an e-commerce website solution, it is best to talk to an expert.

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