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This is how Twitter changed the marketing game altogether

An average Twitter user follows five businesses, and 80% of all Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet at some point. (source: hubspot)

Twitter has been a very popular platform among users for short format and quick way of communication in the recent times, and brands in a quest to be more engaging and culturally relevant have gone ahead and showcased their creativity and innovation to awe audiences time and again on it.

Most businesses now revolve around social media and, not being on any social media platform in today’s day and age can make you lose out big time.

By rightly utilizing social pages and handles, you can stay in tune with key demographics and reach out to a larger audience. 

The right content, marketed the right way can actually help you stand out and create a buzz you never imagined and help with brand awareness and recall value.

So what steps can you take to add to your audience’s experience online?  

To begin with, you need a twitter marketing strategy.

Your twitter digital marketing strategy is your foundation for success and is worth all the time you spend researching and creating the same.

The strategy layout is just like any other social media strategy – centered on the

  1. Content you create
  2. Publish, and
  3. Distribute.

Finally get your followers to engage.

The content you plan and publish should attract new followers, encourage leads, boost your conversions, and also grow your brands recognition.

Few twitter B2B marketing strategies can help build your presence and brand name online:

  • A strong bio:

To start with, every visitor surely reads the Twitter bio and having a strong one can have a huge impact on whether the profile visitor will follow you or not.

  • Increase your followers:

 You can apply this strategy by simply interacting with your Twitter followers regularly. Interacting with followers helps to keep them coming back and engage more with the posts. If you don’t know how to do it right, begin with responding to people who comment on your tweets or if you really want the number hire a twitter marketing company that is proactive and can get you the numbers with the right strategy.

  • Stay alert:

Another tried and tested strategy is to always keep an eye on your competitors’. Their activities can actually help you define and identify loop holes in your marketing strategy. You can either simply follow them or keep a tab on their profile from time to time. While doing this, make sure to check their engagement metrics to help you get a better idea of where they stand.

  • Keywords:

If you’re planning to run Twitter ads make sure to take advantage of Twitter’s Keyword Targeting component. It helps find different words to engage with your target audience by including them in your post content. The words suggested are the ones that are often searched by users on Twitter and can help to reach your target audience faster.

  • Human touch:

A mechanized handle can actually be counterproductive to your above efforts. Make sure to respond to your direct message on Twitter and make your profile a little more human.

Along with all the above points, make sure you have a set communication guideline in place. Any communication that goes from your handle should be consistent and clear. Make sure whenever you write, you are ready for criticism.

So, always talk about things you strongly believe and can back. Having an experienced twitter marketing agency can actually be much more beneficial. They can act as your business representatives and make sure you are showcased in the right tone and at all relevant places.

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