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Golden Commandments For Writing Stellar Web Copies

Web Copy = text used to sell
Heading! Sub headings! Bullets!

Most audiences scan through text you put up and don’t actually read the entire document.

A website or web copy is the core text that helps visitors navigate through your website and tells them what they need to know about a brand or the site.

Web copies fall under content marketing and when writing for a website, it requires establishing a bond with the reader. It requires connecting on a deeper , emotional level that leaves the reader enthusiastic to take some action after.

Web copy is an art form and there is a psychology in executing this content marketing strategy. You have to move beyond your comfort zone and be able to write for your target audience.

So is web copy and print the same?

Not at all!

Writing for the web is not the same as for print; people consume content differently when they’re online.

When writing for the web you need to make sure your content marketing strategy is to keep it short and crisp, broken in to paragraphs easier for the audience to consume.

Here are a few rules or as we call them commandments when writing web copies for websites:
Active voice for the Web

Try to write with active voice, as opposed to passive voice. Use present tense whenever possible. Try to come across as friendly, not corporate selling in the face. The web is for your audience to consume content, not give them a term paper they’d yawn and skip. This may vary for the industry you serve though. But then again make it interesting!

Avoid Jargons

Every industry has a jargon.  Used.. Over-used. And so they hardly hold any meaning to your consumer. Unless you are clearly targeting key industry experts with your web copy, avoid using these industry-exclusive terminology as it just looks like plain selling.

There is also a catch here, when you avoid the jargon don’t replace it with something your reader would already know.

Like the “tip of the iceberg”, instead you need to infuse your reader with originality.

Stories sell

They always do! This may sound very corporate oriented but, they work. And so this is an excellent technique for capturing your reader’s attention. Just humanize what you are trying to communicate and it will elicit emotions and speak volumes for your brand.

SEO is important

You’ve heard how SEO is important, you might even know a thing or two. And you should! Because it is important.

The web copies you write appeal your target audience only when it is backed with good SEO to show when they search.

If you are not confident about SEO, consider hiring a copywriter or a content marketing agency who know.

Direct your reader:

While your audience may know what to do after reading the content, you still need to give them the call-to-action. Don’t leave them hanging confused as to plunge deeper or hit the back button.

While you may know the rules, you might not be skilled to play the content marketing game. This is when its best to have a content marketing strategy be defined by an established content marketing agency. They can help translate your brand into creative and persuasive web copies. As part of their content marketing service they know what works, and can help align your brand with the latest trends, best SEO strategy and work around the psychology of the sales funnel. To get the before said executed get in touch today

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