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Nourish Nutrition Ki Sargam

Brand: Nourish by BL Agro Industries Ltd

Brief: Nutrition Ki Sargam – The Brand Anthem of Nourish was composed in order to convey Nourish’s brand promise of Nutrition Ka Vaada. This brand anthem was then sung by Padmashree Kailash Kher and launched on the social media handle of Nourish . A campaign was conceptualized around the anthem. The idea was to launch an online music contest for 6–18-year-old musical talents. 


  • Brand Awareness: Getting the consumers to know about Nourish
  • Education: Transfer of knowledge to users about Nourish’s brand promise through Nutrition Ki Sargam
  • Share of Brand Voice: Getting the users to interact with Nourish.

Target Geographies

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Delhi
  • Haryana
  • Punjab
  • Maharashtra
  • Rajasthan
  • West Bengal
  • Bihar
  • Jharkhand
  • Uttarakhand
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • North East India

Approach:  The COVID 19 pandemic had pushed people to be confined to their homes, the restlessness among children being the most. Nourish wanted to utilize this time free from school and physical presence outdoor to something more engaging and meaningful both to the young and aspiring musical enthusiasts and the brand.


  1. Online Promotions: Since the pandemic hit, social media had boomed. The consumption on digital platforms was skyrocketing. And so it made all the more sense to promote and push the contest online. Our entire strategy got us
  • 23 Million Reach
  • 8 Lakh Brand Interactions
  • 2000+ Brand Mentions
  • 45,000+ User Registrations

2. Radio Jingles: While physical communication was at halt, the radio had been a popular and timeless communication front. We capitalized on this and run radio ads to get the contest across. Another added advantage being that radio still has the power to reach a larger mass even in the remotest of regions.

3. Nourish Van: While the contest was for all children, we understood that not all kids, especially those from the rural lanes of India, may have access to understand technology. This is when Nourish vans were launched. These vans ran across lanes and remote rural regions where they gauged raw talent from the roots.

  • Vans Routes: 1800+ villages
  • Kilometers: 35000+ km
  • Regions: 65 districts

4. Print Ads: Print still being a medium running parallel and strong with the digital front, we ran full front page ads to get maximum exposure and reach.

  • Regions: UP, Punjab, Bihar ,Uttarakhand, Haryana, Delhi/NCR, J&K
  • Reach: 603 lac

5. Influencers: Since influencer marketing increases brand awareness and drives more traffic to the website, we collaborated with influencers who got us exposure and resulted in the high quality and authentic back links that were beneficial for the ranking and visibility of our event.

  • Collaborations: 100+

6. PR: With more than 100+ PR Links both print and digital, we strategized on getting PR exposure that became linkable assets to the entire event.

7. Outbound IVR: One of the most appealing mediums of reaching out to our target audience was Outbound IVRs wherein we reached the users with a pre-recorded voice message by Sufi Legend Kailash Kher. This activity brought into the campaign a major chunk of user registrations.

8. YouTube Reach: Our digital marketing strategy also focused on driving more views and subscribers to our channel. Through ad campaigns and links we ensured a spike in our subscribers on YouTube.

  • Increased Subscriber Count: 1000+

9. Website Revamp and Upgrade: A splendid medium, we revamped the existing websites for Nourish and BL Agro. A dedicated microsite was also created for Nourish Nutrition Ki Sargam that featured all the important data and information about the campaign. The website was also developed keeping in mind the wave of entries to be received from interested participants. Our website analytics and strategies got us:

  • Website Traffic: 1 lac +

10. Jingle Challenge: While the Nourish Nutrition Ki Sagram catered to 6 to 18 year old, we wanted to ensure the entire event had a mass appeal. Our Jingle Challenged kick-started by Padmashree Kailash Kher got everyone across social media humming their own version of the Nourish Nutrition Ki Sargam, in turn adding to our visibility and reach.

Face of the event:

While the idea was big we needed a face that would match up to the vision Nourish had. And when it comes to music, who better than Sufi legend Padmashree Kailash Kher.

The event:

Right after the launch of the Brand Anthem for Nourish, entries started pouring 6th October, 2020 onwards, in thousands. A dedicated team was brought in place to handle queries, entries and dedicated assistance. The dedicated micro site which was created gathered entries and video submissions from thousands. From thousands of these entries received, 90 made the cut to the battle round.


While getting the contest across and short listing entries was one milestone, the next was even more challenging. Executing the battle round Face off among the 90 selected contestants ONLINE.

Limitations/ Possible setbacks: Internet issues, recording issues.

What we did: The 90 contestants were constantly supported by an on call team who assisted with regular queries.

  • 31,700 Calls
  • 3,10,700+ SMS
  • 4,500 Direct Whats App Engagements


Limitations/ Possible setbacks: Internet issues and drop outs in the LIVE round.

Since the event was to run LIVE. Drop outs in the middle of the performance, poor video angle and quality were all areas of concern.

Solution: A couple dry runswere conducted 2 days before the event to make sure everyone knew what and how to proceed with their performances.

A test round with the anchor and time management and division was also taken account for.

Since we wanted to be 100% sure no issues would crop up, we had another test run on the day of the Grand Finale before the allotted time.


The Grand Finale was conducted live on Facebook where the top 9 selected contestants performed in front of the esteemed Kailash Kher, who judged the performances in real time.

The event was a success, contestants overjoyed with the presence and valuable feedback from their inspiration, Padmashree Kailash Kher and a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of his next music video.

Takeaway: The Brand Nourish successfully achieved all its set objectives and managed to create a recall value among thousands of households. Encouraged by the excellent response, a season 2 is being conceptualized, to be even bigger and better.

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