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Good Web Design Makes Visitor Stay Longer! Find Out How.

Did you know that between 70 to 96 percent of people who abandon your website never return? Blame your web design and web development.

The longer your visitors stay on your site, the more engaged they’ll be, and higher would be your chance to convert them

So how do you ensure the same?

1. Fulfill your headline’s promise

Getting clicks on your headlines is one , but if you want people to stay on your website then the content needs to match what you suggest in the title. Don’t let your headlines make promises your content won’t match.

A click-worthy headline written by the most copywriters won’t do anything for your business unless the content doesn’t live up to the hype.

2. Create more scannable content

People rarely read your content word to word. Instead, they scan through your page to pick out important words and phrases.

If your content is made up of long sentences and paragraphs that are hard to understand and scan then your visitors won’t stick around to read more. Instead, they’ll leave to find easier content.

Here are a few actionable tips you can follow to make to improve your website content:

  • Ensure readability: Make sure your font size and line spacing are large and legible enough to be read with ease. By simple changes like increasing the font size and line spacing on your site you can often give a quick boost in your engagement metrics.
  • Break up your content: Posts without visual breaks in the content are quite straining to the eyes. For maximum ease of reading keep your sentences short and most of your paragraphs to three or four sentences at most.
  • Craft engaging subheadings: Subheadings are a powerful tools to keep readers engaged. Not only do they provide visual breaks, but a properly crafted subheading can pique the curiosity of a reader, keeping them from losing interest and clicking away.
  • Use bulleted lists: Lists help important content stand out from the rest of your text and help the reader to scan your content for the important points.
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3. Add a call-to-action at the end of each post

The best time to ask your visitors to take action is just after they’ve finished reading or going through a page or a blog post. This is one way of how to keep visitors on your website.

The right CTA can give them a reason to stay. To ensure your web design efforts do the same make sure you have the right digital marketing agency that delivers what you are looking for.

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