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Content is King but Your Website is the Kingdom

CONTENT IS KING – a popular saying in the digital marketing industry. While we all have heard this phrase at some point in our life where does it leave your website?

In today’s world run by and on technology, any successful business needs a team of exceptional digital marketing professionals to help them reach their target market.

With thousands of competitors in just one industry, one of the main ways to climb the ladder of success is by having an active online presence.

In a nutshell, not just a content strategy but a website with the right web design and development is the kingdom that also needs your attention.

Planning and creation of websites involves many of the same key visual elements of website design, such as:

Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content

The king and the kingdom go hand-in-hand. Working on both help enhance the message of the site through pleasing visuals and texts. Your text should always be relevant, and should not confuse the visitor. You also need to make sure content is optimized for search engines and has related keywords incorporated that do not look like keyword stuffing.

  •  Layout

Your graphics and texts are arranged through layouts. In the digital space, the key goal is to help visitors find the content they need while maintaining the consistency and integrity of design.

  • Graphics

Graphics enhance the aesthetic of the web design and includes everything from photos, logos, icons etc. Make this user-friendly, and placed appropriately, working with the color and content of the web page.

  • Color

It could be a basic black-and-white or a multi-colored design, whatever the choice; it should convey the personality of the brand.

  • Fonts

Fonts varying in size and style can exponentially enhance the website design. But don’t go crazy and make sure they fall in the web-safe font category.

All of these elements combined and aesthetically arranging and implementing them by certain principles for a specific purpose help your brand overall visual success.

These efforts drive traffic and drastically increase a visitor’s chances of scrolling down or clicking out. Your content and website plays a major role in making or breaking your visibility.

Apart from this make sure your website is

  1. Simple: A good looking website is important, and so is the ease of navigation. Steer clear of complexity and focus on simplicity.
  2. Responsive (Mobile Friendly) :  In an age where we are all glued to our smartphones, it is important that websites are built to be used conveniently across varying screen sizes.
  3. Purpose: You can’t simply create a website just for the heck of being online. Each page must have a clear purpose and must fulfill a specific need for the user in the most effective way possible.

There is a lot that goes into getting your web presence online, and if you really want to nail the game then get in touch today.

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