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AI is Transforming the Future of Digital Marketing

If there’s one area of digital marketing that is most affected right now then it is Artificial Intelligence.

AI ( Artificial Intelligence) is a rather generic concept, that has been encompassing various methods and systems set up to “think” like humans. It’s also rooted in other applications such as voice recognition and chatbots. It specifically, allows brands to adhere to the extremely high standards and demands of consumers.

Customers in today’s day and age want their interactions with brands to feel more personal and relevant, and AI allows for the same degree of targeting and monitoring that would excite every customer and marketer.

In terms of digital marketing services, AI would become even more relevant because of its ability to make fast and accurate data-based decisions. Add AI to the digital marketing services can enable marketers to make the most of their data, enhance and change expenditure and work better on content marketing related campaigns and much more.

Below are areas where a digital marketing agency can use AI:

Digital Marketing in Artificial Intelligence
AI in Digital Marketing

Market intelligence and insight

Using algorithms, machine learning allows for an in-depth understanding of complex data sets through data management platforms (DPMs), data warehouses, or other data repositories, connecting the dots to help business intelligence and forecasting in ways that probably humans cannot.

Customer profiles and appearance

 Artificial Intelligence can help marketers shape a 360-view of customers the cater to by analyzing on-site experiences, purchase history, referral sources, and geo-specific activities and fit them with personalized content and promotion.

Lead generation and sales

Machine learning and predictive analysis can help assist marketers in automating lead generation processes and scoring process. It can also help marketers keep consumers interested by predicting turns like let’s say when someone’s about to drop off or when consumers are interacting much with a particular product. All this can help brands re-engage certain users with emails and updates.

Social Media using AI

The impact on digital marketing on social media has is undeniable. Social media boasts of a clear, well-documented track record to boost company’s marketing initiatives and making critical components like a toolkit for every marketer. 

AI in Social Media
AI in Social Media

The right digital marketing services to consider and evaluate these effects of AI can be critical to overall success, and may improve the performance ability of businesses in the longer run.


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