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Saadharan Chhodo. Nutrition Chuno – The TVC Launch Campaign for Nourish

The Campaign Awareness Case Study

Saadharan Chhodo. Nutrition Chuno – The TVC for B L AGRO’s in house brand Nourish

B L AGRO an FMCG company from Bareilly that started off with mustard oil by the name ‘Bail Kolhu’ had expanded its range to groceries under the name Nourish.

But this hasn’t been just an expansion of business, it was an expansion of their vision. To manufacture, package and market healthier and tastier solutions to millions of consumers.

While they have been enjoying growth and expansion over the years, there was something that hadn’t been worked around.

This is when they decided to launch a TVC – one that would expand consumer awareness and build engagement for the brand.

Our Approach:

B L AGRO was not new to us. We’ve been handling social media for them and have been doing well.

And while social media does have the flexibility of playing around, with a TVC, things meant we had to hit the mark in one shot.

Nourish was not selling diet or organic products. It was selling staple food. One that we all consume and enjoy on a daily basis. Then how was it different?

It was the process. The process of no adulteration, over processing or alternatives that ensured they package only the best form.

And this is what gave birth to the tagline ‘Saadharan Chhodo. Nutrition Chuno.’ Nourish was ensuring truly nutritious food products, the kind that would retain their goodness and actually help the body.
Our solution:

We had our tagline, we had dissected Nourish’s existence and plan. So, creating a story line was not difficult.

We were clear of conveying what was just as it is. We were asking consumers to chose nutrition.
We decided to simply state the obvious and not beat around the fancy terminology used often. This was a clean brand, with a clear goal and that had to be conveyed. The thought of ‘2 baatein’ helped communicate the same. We created a concept that talked about both – Saadharan vs Nourish.

Our face:

With the tagline in place and the direction clear we needed a face. Since we were talking about good health – it instantly hit chords with Shilpa Shetty. A name that has been synonym to fitness, health, the perfect superwoman. She has been vocal about the importance of knowing what you are consuming, yet not depriving yourself from food you love.
Exactly what Nourish was all about.
The launch:
The D-day for launch was chosen as 1st May,2021. A day when B L AGRO was also launching their TVC for the legacy brand Bail Kolhu.

Right after the launch across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, the brand pages started flooding with traffic.

Campaign Performance:
The e-commerce website traffic boomed and order and enquiries were on the rise. During the first month, we received a monthly traffic of more than 2 lac unique users.
Within the first month itself, our campaign overachieved by delivering 160% of the projected results with an under-spend of 43% of the projected media budget.
We earned an engagement of 175.11% across social media platforms.

We delivered as promised. Nourish was enjoying clear leadership across all its platforms, and continuing.
For us we understood, that sometimes you don’t need to work around highly complicated, fancy concepts – just communicating the truth build trust.

Psst…Wanna watch the brand TVC we conceptualised and created for Nourish’s ‘Saadharan Chhodo, Nutrition Chuno Campaign? Watch here.

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