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How to Boost Your Instagram Reach?

Businesses are growing by the minute – There is a new brand, a new player every other day. So how do you stand out? Reach them right.

With more and more users jumping on the social media wagon, brands are ensuring they don’t miss out on any opportunity to connect with them. Instagram being one of these loved platforms.

But why Instagram?

Instagram is considered as one of the best social media platforms for engagement as a brand that want to connect with its followers. It is more about visuals and attracts a wider age bracket audience.

People want to see, hear and learn more, and what better way than social.

Instagram offers unlimited brand marketing potential making it easier for brands to tap into a huge and diverse online community.

Instagram marketing strategy
Instagram Marketing

So now that you’re on it.. is it enough?

Heard brands and people celebrating 1000K followers and so on.. Know why it matters?

While this number might not make a big dent on your social media marketing, it definitely implies you’ve reached that many more people – and drop by drop fills the ocean. Remember.

But why should I grow?

To generate meaningful ROI, which naturally comes from engagement and a larger audience.

This is also a reason why you should never buy fake followers. You would strictly need to invest time interacting with your followers so that you eventually improve your engagement along with your number of followers.

Instagram marketing services
Instagram marketing Strategy

Now that you know the why, here’s how:

  1. Post less, but post quality content
  2. Experiment with videos
  3. Understand Insta Algorithm
  4. Be consistent
  5. Use Insta Ads
  6. Host contests and polls to boost engagement
  7. Identify optimum timings for posts

While you do all this, also keep a track of your analytics. Review your latest post and repeat the success of your best-performing matter. Strategize better with data driven decisions.

Has your brand got on Instagram yet?

If not then you’re definitely missing out. Get in touch today.

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