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How To Get More Google Traffic (Without Ranking Higher)

Getting to the top of a Google search listing is a pinnacle every business aims to achieve.

But why should this matter?

As per a study by Backlinko, results on the first page on Google gets 31.7% in terms of clicks whereas, the second page gets only 0.78%.

With the constantly-changing nature of Google’s algorithm, getting traffic takes resourcefulness, dedication, persistence, and creativity. 

But what is Google traffic?

It is your drive and reaches to your desired audience & refers to the number of all accesses that have been made via search engines.

The higher implies that much number of people have been reached to.

Website traffic is important and impacts in three ways:

  1. The larger the number of visitors to your website the better
  2. Not all traffic is good traffic
  3. Increase in traffic = increase in quality visitors = better website conversions

Search traffic in digital marketing is a standard segment in Google Analytics that includes traffic from organic sources and the paid search to analyze traffic flows from a variety of perspectives.

So how can I work around Google search traffic?

Using a Web analytics program, a website’s overall search engine traffic can be segmented to show the percentage of search engine traffic for individual web-pages or sections on the website.

Some ways to improve your Google search traffic include keeping an eye out for these:

  1. Mobile First Update: Google has recently changes their algorithm and now looks at all websites as a smart phone – prioritizing sites that work well on mobile devices.
  2. Assess current ranking on Google: To improve ranking you first need to know where you stand. A regular audit of your rankings hence is essential. You can login to traffic overview and see how and what keywords are performing to improve your ranking.

    Check website speed: A slow website has little chance to higher search spots. Check individual page load time too.
  3. Check website health: Looking at keyword search engine rank and website speed, you can assess the overall health of your site before you start planning on how to optimize it.
  4. Track and measure SEO metric: It is important to know how visitors land up on your website. Only when you know this can you make it better.
  5. Diagnose and fix penalties with Google: Fixing any current penalties is crucial.
  6. Analyze your links: Links often go bad or are no follow links that don’t pass ranking value. A thorough analysis is important hence to know which ones are driving you traffic.

Apart from the above, you also need to NETWORK, NETWORK & NETWORK more. The more people know about you the better.

All of these eventually improve rankings and help you stay of the penalty radar. But are this it? No. Directory submissions, forum marketing, wiki sites and much more can help you grow online web traffic. If you’re struggling to get people to connect with you then get in touch today.

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