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Creative Thinking: What is it, Why is it Important

Creative thinking is the ability to consider something uniquely. It can be a new approach to solve a problem, the generation of an appealing thought, an idea, or simply reconsidering things from a fresh perspective. Creative thinking often provides surprising conclusions and hidden solutions that have never been created or tried before. It is often aided by brainstorming and open discussions. Creative writing, Analysis, Marketing, leadership, …, etc are some areas of creative services that continually demand creative thinking. 

Creative thinking, like any other skill, can be acquired with constant exercise to stay sharp. One needs to expose themselves to challenges that make one discover solutions and invent new ways to solve a problem. It is one of the most high-valued skills and is of high regard in any industry.  

Coming up with ideas is not as easy as it sounds. Various creative agencies work solely to come up with ideas that can turn a project into a success. Ideas need to be triggered using tried-and-tested techniques, are to be tested under new environments and discussed with other people to make them more effective.  There are various reasons why creative thinking is necessary. Let’s discuss a few of them in detail. 

Creative thinking acts as the panacea for branding agencies. It helps to look at problems with a fresh perspective and come up with unique solutions. It makes the problems and challenges look like exciting puzzles that you are eager to solve. For example, coming up with a creative design for a company logo is often a tedious task. But with creative thinkers, it is only a matter of assembling information and having an idea of how the brand wants to portray its image in the market. Often a slightly tilted thought process is all that is required to solve a problem. Creative thinking gives exactly the required push to the process and helps discover the solution.

Creative thinking gives you the freedom to think beyond limits. Consider a child and how his imagination knows no boundaries. Children are the greatest creative thinkers because they haven’t been bound by worldly limitations yet. Creative thinkers think limitlessly and out of the box. This helps them in coming up with innovative ideas! 

Creativity improves the problem-solving process. Obstacles and challenges are the prime part of human life that cannot be avoided. But, with a creative mindset, we can turn these obstacles into lessons and find new resourceful ways of solving problems in our job and life. Experimenting with learned lessons and using them to solve real-life problems is also a life hack that creative thinkers are masters in.

Businesses nowadays thrive highly upon creative thinking. Creativity gives an urge to reduce the dependency on materials and controls the need to buy things impulsively. It helps us think of ways to maximize the outcome using fewer resources and aids in cost-cutting. These businesses deploy a creative agency to use the tactics that make their work easier. These agencies use brainstorming and similar creative thinking methodologies, thus providing the desired outcome. Also, creative thinking motivates us to create the things that we need by ourselves, adding to the cost-benefits. Innovation and creativity are two vital qualities of a good leader. A creative leader is self-aware, authentic and solution-oriented. Creativity, by definition, is the abandonment of rigid structures. It is a highly desirable trait in corporate leaders. Creative thinkers believe not only in leading their team, but leading themselves too. They try their best to work things out by themselves and lead from the front. In most cases, they can work out a solution without help from a senior colleague.

A Creative Mind is Solution-Oriented. Creativity encourages working without boundaries, where employees can question processes and provide their insights to help with growth. Fostering creativity and giving an assurance to the employees that they can change their workplace for the better, by giving voice to their ideas. Encouraging creative ideas sets up the bigger picture in the minds of the employees. It helps them to focus on issues that have a deep business impact. It also helps to remove the fear of failure by giving them the liberty to discover new ideas, even if it is at the cost of failures.  

According to the Huffington Post, a study in New Zealand suggested that engaging in creative activities contributes to an upward spiral of positive emotions and psychological well-being. It stated that creative thinking allows people to explore their identities, form new relationships and reflect critically on the world. The creation process helps people be less anxious, more resilient and better equipped to problem-solving whilst in hardships.

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