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September 30, 2020

Future Group Of Institutions

With the rise in number of educational institutes and the diversity in courses offered, getting in the limelight is an important front for most educational institutes.

With the youth spending maximum time on their phones, especially on digital platforms gaining visibility and brand promotion while also understanding common educational interests, leveraging the same medium was the right step forward.

To help attain higher lead generation we decided to use the digital advertising through Facebook front, where each method helped measure

  • Popular course choices
  • Common locations

Our Strategy:  The way forward was to act first and not wait to be discovered by probable future prospects. Also, an interactive digital presence would also contribute to the advertising front.

Our 3 verticals:

  • Forms
  • Auto Chat
  • Google Ad Search
  • Our objectives:

    • Gauge course preference
    • Potential student details
    • Establish an opportunity for FGI to connect with these prospects


    The most traditional way to get leads yet the most effective, our Lead form had a Call to Action that would automatically lead to a pre-populated form where most details were updated based on the users updated profile details.

    This made it easier for users to just fill basic information like their course choice and exit.

    The forms also allowed customized questions to be asked, which ensured only relevant information from prospects get collected.

    A faster feedback along with ease of use using smart phones ensured quality leads in great volumes.


    Interaction through chat bots is a leading digital contact method that has recently gained popularity as compared to email responses. We wanted to capitalize on this rising trend to help benefit our target of leads generation.

    By using Facebook chatbot, our focus was to improve reach by implying availability and openness to prospects.

    Since chatbots are a quick two way communication, it helped collect basic information like email and phone number along with course preference much faster.

    Chatbots also offered a more conversational experience to the prospects rather than a more serious one way approach, hence helping collect more information.


    A surefire way to build brand reputation, our approach with this strategy was to create a persuasive effect to motivate students and parents to consider FGI as their future institution.

    Tailor made ads have a tendency to get better click rates and hence we decided to run image based responsive search ads on Facebook.

    The paid search strategy also complemented our organic lead generation approach. For this, we also optimized the existing landing page to direct the ad clicks.

    Submissions through these search ads were collected and categorized through its dedicated backend, where it became easy for future retargeting and streamlining the contact process.


    The leads generated through forms and chatbots were automatically updated on a Lead Management System where they were bifurcated on the basis of warm or cold.


    This channelizing of leads also helped to create a more responsive communication for follow ups and conversions in a more systematic and efficient way.


    Our success:

    Using all 3 leads generation funnels we were successful in both our focus points:  quality leads and brand advertising while also creating a great brand impression.


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    • Strategy

      Digital Strategy

    • Design

      Creative Design, Content Marketing

    • Client

      Future Group Of Institutions , Bareilly

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