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Benefits Of Interactive Content Marketing Strategy

Have you ever come to a cross road on how to produce content that keeps people interested? It is every digital marketers’ goal and certainly the most challenging of tasks. Interactive content strategy is the future and helps marketer’s differentiate between brands with effective and engaging stories.

When consumers feel a connect with what is being put out it automatically helps increase revenue and generate leads.

Having said that, what exactly is interactive content?

In simple terms, Content that can engage people with active participation.

With the ever-growing digital arena people nowadays spend hours on social media platforms. Their choice of content is diverse from fun, social angles, solution oriented to even random home videos.

With this boom content marketing also needs to shift gears from static to interactive ones. If you want the audience to resonate you need to connect with them more efficiently. But how?

One such interactive content strategy is YouTube marketing.

When you watch a 1-minute video the message lingers longer as compared to a static social media post.

This is the same with YouTube. A static one-way communication video is no longer of interest to the audience and fails to bridge the gap between company-consumer.

An interactive video on the other hand is a digital offering allowing the viewer to interact while watching meaningful content. It can include clickable points, often named ‘hotspots’ that act when clicked upon. The ‘action’ here can be to jump to a different part of the video, open another link or view information.

This digital marketing YouTube strategy has changed the one-way monologue, characterizing the traditional video into a two-way dialogue. It allows the viewer to make their own story, answer questions and share their own opinion while watching.

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So, what are the benefits of YouTube channel marketing?

Increases views and numbers: A rapid growing digital space, something different and something valuable always works great with the audience.

YouTube offers the option to Subscribe to links and add a playlist of other relatable videos that the audience can be directed to while watching your particular content. This cross interaction between videos can boost channel subscriptions and increase viewership.

Improve customer education and boost engagement: The primary goal of most business videos is to educate the potential client.

When going ahead with a Video marketing strategy, you learn a tremendous amount of information about individual prospects from their interactions on a particular video. Consequently, this information can be used to tailor future brand strategies and communication.

Improved Search Engine Ranking: Content created for a specific segment with a call to action can magnify your online presence and ranking as well.

With a bit of extra effort to create an interactive video one can ensure their brand stands out, has a longer viewing time and turn a passive viewer into an engaged participant.

Do we have stats to back this?


  • The Demand Gen Report, states that 91% of B2B buyers say they prefer interactive and visual content over static.
  • As per Business2Community, 88% of marketers say interactive content differentiates them from their competitors.

Not just these, there are a number of other studies that prove the same.

But despite that, The Demand Metric Report by Brightcove suggested that 30% marketers did not know how to use interactive video because of lack of skill or expertise.

With Leads Brand Connect this is one thing you definitely don’t need to worry about.

Our team is equipped to curate compelling videos and work in sync with the latest trends to give you maximum audience exposure and high conversion rates.

Our work speaks louder. Check us out here

Our final thoughts:

YouTube marketing companies reap the greatest benefit of interactive content by posing a more dynamic back and forth with the audience and leaving a much more lasting impact that can be beneficial to their business in the long run. To know more of how we can help your business, just drop a word here.

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