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ASMR- The New Digital Therapy

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) – a pleasant tingling sensation that usually begins at the top of your head and spreads down to your body, is rapidly growing and increasingly appearing in quite many marketing campaigns.

So, what exactly is ASMR?

We quite often have felt this, like “brain tingles”. It’s not too dissimilar to the goosebumps or the “chills” you get when listening to an epic piece of music or an inspirational speech.

How does it work for videos?

ASMR videos exaggerate and combine these brain triggers to attempt to induce this sensory response in viewers.

This is the same with YouTube. A static one-way communication video is no longer of interest to the audience and fails to bridge the gap between company-consumer.

But is this a new phenomenon?

There is an old Bob Ross painting series, The Joy of Painting, from the 1980s is an unintentional ASMR classic. But in India, this kind of content creation seems to be in the spotlight only very recently. From gently whispering into their iPhones to a bedtime lullaby, YouTube has recently scene a rise in ASMRtists.

Instagram has about 7 million posts that are hash tagged #ASMR. A quick search on the Spotify playlist, and you’d see over 1 lakh followers of the ASMR Sleep Sounds playlist. With this rise some standalone ASMR apps are also picking up speed. Global brands like Gucci, IKEA and Skoda have already capitalized on this trend.

Just search for ASMR on google and you have 18,50,00,000 results in 0.45 seconds.

What does ASMR do to your brain?

Well, apart from being a pleasant sensation, many people who watch ASMR videos say it has in some way helped reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia. It has also shown to help cure stress.

How does it work on Social Media?

ASMR videos are categorically different videos on YouTube due to their ability to create a sense of intimacy between the creator and the watcher without physical presence between the two.

YouTube has a plethora of such videos- more than 50 million approx. – covering everything from building furniture and caressing fabric to whispering, cutting hair, eating chips and so much more. They fall under the ‘Satisfying video category’

With digital marketing company looking to create a connection and grab the attention of the audience, such an emotive phenomenon is increasingly coming into most digital marketing activities. 

ASMR allows brands to bring their product benefits to life in more engaging and sensory way.

It is a mindful trend and is helping people create a mental space that is more attentive.

And with the rate of attention dropping to the blink of an eye if you can get someone to engage with the brand for 25 seconds, then that’s exceptional.

Digital Therapy (ASMR)
Digital Therapy


With this rising discovery in the digital space, we can be sure that the power of audio-video simulation is going to steadily rise in the coming times.

As a digital marketing agency even, we’ve got on board with our experts to create some amazing ASMR video/audio production. To know more get in touch with us.

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