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How to Convert More Blog Readers into Loyal Leads Through Popups

Every time you publish a post, you can transform your blog into a highly effective lead generation tool. Blogging is considered the cheapest and one of the effective ways for businesses to generate more website traffic, boost inbound advertising efforts and attract potential customers.

But How Do You Get More?


A web tactic that is highly used due to its exceptional contribution in getting lead targets and customers and thereby help in increasing monthly proceeds.

Getting the full advantage of blogging can be easily achieved, especially if you are familiar with its effective strategies.

Popups Are in-Demand and Powerful and Being Used Widely as Part of Digital Marketing Services

Pop ups are the best way of redirecting users to popular posts, keeping your site visitors informed about your sitewide updates, your latest blog or write up, and much more. These pop ups are also one of the most effective channels to turn your readers into subscribers, leads, and future customers.

But Don’t Just Go on Adding Popups all Over!

  1. Restrict them to a particular page
  2. Justify your popup placement
  3. Make your pop ups easy to close – Don’t be annoying!
  4. Be relevant with the content – Don’t blog about something and add a popup to something else.

So yeah, a digital marketing company loves popups, but did you know there are different types of popups?

  1. Exit-intent popup

This type triggers when a visitor desires to leave the page. It allows the visitor to browse the website freely, and appears only when he or she is about to close the tab. The reason to place it is to probably offer your guests some discount coupons or other related stuff before they leave.

2. Time-based popup

If your website visitor is inactive for more than one or two minutes, you can always use a popup to remind him about your website. But, if your guest has already changed the tab, there is a huge chance of missing the popup. But here’s the deal – you can combine a time-based popup with a quick “click” sound. Its main purpose is to grab the attention of your site visitor.

By the way, did we tell you, pop ups are said to be 50% more powerful and effective than banner ads. Your site visitors can’t ignore your popups as they need to interact with these ads before leaving the page.

3. Scroll-triggered popup

This type often triggers when a site visitor scrolls to a certain point on your webpage. If your site visitors keep on scrolling your website, it means that they are interested in whatever type of products or services you offer.

4. Interaction-based popup

After your guest has visited a certain product or page you can encourage them to scroll more and check out your offered products and services. It may also be used as a “welcome back” for someone who previously visited your website.

Online market competition is big and a great tool like this you shouldn’t miss considering.

Get the right digital marketing services from the best, and know how you can play around with popups and convert users to leads

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