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Why is Blogging Important to Your Brand?

As a digital marketer, it is important to rank on top of trends. The rise of the search engine optimization(SEO) landscape and the growing competition among brands to attract web traffic to increase business is now more than ever. One thing that has remained constant amid such a bottle-neck competition is blogging. Blogging has stood the test of time and has retained its importance amid the growth of multiple branding platforms. But what is it that makes blogging so important for brands?

Promoting the goods and services of a business has never been an easy task. Blogging is a one-stop solution to this, that is easy and simple. You can have promotional videos and other advertising campaigns to boost your marketing tactics. But they require more time and resources to be created. Blogging is easy. With blogging, you can constantly stay connected to your audience, which leaves a lasting impression in their minds and helps to get more business. It gives a graphical picture of your company that helps to keep your audience interested in your brand.  

A well-written blog attracts clients. It builds up a solid reputation of a company and helps in brand development. There is a misconception that people nowadays are attracted only to glittering advertisements and enticing videos. Contrary to this, a study showed that more people prefer written communication to other means of advertisements. People reason with your words and trust them. Effective and mindful blogging paints a distinct picture of your brand in the industry and helps you gain more like-minded clients for business.

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Your blog is your tool to communicate your vision, mission and values to your prospective audience. The added advantage to this is that blogging is a two-way street. It means the customers can engage with you on a personal level. Brand marketing is no longer just about enticing tag lines and catchy logos. It also includes how better the potential users connect to the brand, both psychologically and emotionally. Most customers feel connected to a brand after reading custom content that they can relate to at a personal level. It builds faith, which is an essential part of growing our business. 

Blogging is a great tool for SEO. The use of effective keywords, SEO tools, meta descriptions, catchy titles and other such tactics can be effectively implemented using a blog. Every blog you write adds one more indexed page to your website. It can give your website a higher push on the search engines, making more customers land on your page. A link to a perfectly written blog can be posted on social websites that increase the site traffic and gives you a leap in SEO rankings. 

Blogging can be paramount in network building. Content that inspires users, like experiences that you’ve had as a business, or just some FAQs and “How-Tos” can be helpful to our competitors as well as buyers, promoting healthy competition. Consistent bogging for your target audience will present you as a reliable source of information to your readers. Besides, this will add to your fame and help with the expansion of your network. When you write, you think of what other people write, you research the subject thoroughly. This not only improves your writing skills, but gives you ideas and keeps you updated with trends in your business and industry.

Blogging helps in making effective use of social media. Social media is a rapidly growing platform. Redirect your viewers to your blog by posting their links with catchy titles and attract more customers than ever. Every time you write a blog, you are creating content that, if motivates your customer, will be shared on multiple platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter…, etc. It multiplies the customer base by manifolds.

Blogging takes time to generate traffic. Every brand development agency gives prime importance to consistency in blogging and its benefits in building a brand. But it continues to drive traffic even for months and years after the blog has been written. However, it is necessary to post high-quality content if you want results. If you want to establish yourself as an authority, build your industry exposure and attract more leads to your business, blog marketing is the most effective way.

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