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PM Retweets Ye Hai Badalta Bharat by BL Agro and Kailash Kher

  • BLAGRO and Kailash Kher’s Musical Tribute gets PM Modi Retweet
  • Prime Minister Modi retweets BLAGRO and Kailash Kher’s musical tribute to Olympians
  • Olympic song to champion gets a thumbs up by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Yes! These are some of the headlines that have been making rounds for our recent campaign.

How did it all started?
B L Agro Industries Ltd also known as the pioneers of the FMCG segment, had conceptualised a campaign for their in-house brand Nourish in association with Padmashree Kailash Kher called #YeHaiBadalataBharat – Naye Hauslon Ka Naya Bharat.

How did it happen?
BL Agro’s Chairman, Dr. Ghanshyam Khandelwal, along with the musical maestro Kailash Kher through their long association were under talks for something around Independence Day.

Considering India’s rapid growth and success stories especially of the Olympic champions in the recent games, this thought got fuelled further.

What were they expecting out of LBC?
From an establishment as big, and a musical partnership – we knew that the digital strategy had to be one that stirred up the nation’s collective emotion- a mass appeal and reach.

LBC’s best minds got to work

#YeHaiBadaltaBharat was an ode to our champions undying spirit and zeal to fight. When approached by BL AGRO Industries Ltd with such a thought- just like any other patriot, we were thrilled and pumped to deliver something worth remembering.

  • Hands down promotion across all social media platforms
  • Press releases
  • Radio jingles
    …our digital team was in full throttle.

We even rocked Twitter!
Through our vast digital experience, we knew, we had to create a storm, it starts by thoughtfully curating the content, right from the first tweet to the 10,487th tweet & counting, monitoring every content piece of the twitter universe, resulting the hashtag #YeHaiBadaltaBharat trending in the top 3 Trends with total trend life of over 16 hours…

The campaign garnered over 14,859,841 impressions, yes you read it right- over 14.8M impressions, within a week and had a reach of over 8,488,954.

But is that it? No!
It was acknowledged by none other than the Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi himself.


There could be no greater form of appreciation than this, which we could have asked for, for a campaign that turned into an overnight success. The twitter space was flooded with names from politics to entertainment praising the anthem and the initiative as a whole.

The campaign only kept growing bigger!
We were noticed across print and digital news-space and names such as Lucknow News, Dainik Bhaskar, Jansandesh along with many others were covering the campaign in full swing. Apart from print, digital platforms from Adgully to the Patriot – everyone was lauding the efforts and the campaign.

Within the first 10 days – BL AGRO and Nourish’s efforts in partnership with Kailash Kher had come under the spotlight for all the right reasons and over 100+ reputed names had picked up this story and had media & influencers talking about the campaign.

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