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How to Increase Sales Online with social media

There is no denying that social media is the largest platform to reach audiences in recent times. A good social media game can take a business from rags to riches. However, if not trod carefully, the tables can turn unfavourable for you. It is necessary to play your cards right so that social media can boost your business sales. A few social media marketing strategies to increase your sales online are explained in the following section.

How to increase sale Online

Be Where Your Users Are

Even before you start your business, you probably have a good understanding of who your target audience is. Social media atmosphere has a dissection based on age group. According to Pew research centre, adults under thirty years of age mostly use Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, whereas most people beyond thirty use Facebook. If your target audience is young and deals with the latest fashions, gadgets and more, Instagram is the best platform to grow your business. Likewise, if your brand provides service to professionals and other B2B businesses, LinkedIn should be the platform for your creatives. Be clear where your target customers spend their time, and focus on that rather than building multiple accounts.  

Create Awesome Content

Content is of utmost importance in the online world. But here is a catch. Good content is all over the internet. You have to think out of the box to deliver content that isn’t mediocre and can hold the attention of your target audience. Your content should be informative and captivating while inspiring people to make purchase decisions. In the meantime, keep a check that you do not sound too pushy. Remember, people aren’t on social media entirely to purchase stuff. However, inspiration can go a long way. You can create inspiring videos, write thoughtful blogs, create images, relatable memes, short videos, infographics and more. Give utmost importance to the content quality as it can make or break the game. Images and memes inspired by real-life events are the most popular forms of content these days.

Ease the Online Transaction Process

The biggest hurdle and an instant turn-off for motivated customers is the long and complicated checkout process that often irks patience. For example, Pinterest ads and sales have an average order value of higher than 50 dollars compared to other social media marketing platforms. Similarly, social giant Instagram has the feature of shoppable posts that helps Instagram users tag products and shop them instantly from their organic newsfeed. Besides the quality image used to entice customers, the main reason for the high sales number is the simplified checkout process offered by the platform. 

Paid Ads

This might be a little unconventional for a thriving business. But if you are in a position where you can invest a little in an advertisement for your products or on your site using SEM (search engine marketing), you should opt for it right away. The chances of people finding you can through paid ads increases by manifolds through little investment. Paid ads help you reach your audiences quickly. Every social website nowadays provides an advertising option. You can use it to target your ad to a particular group of audience based on geography, gender, language, age, relationship status and more. Taking help from social media marketing services providers helps a great deal in this regard.

Social Media Influencers

Back in the days of television and radio, we have seen actors and popular figures endorse brands and help them boom. These popular faces are called influencers. Influencer marketing has been a timeless technique that has successfully brought remarkable results. In fact, according to a study, 40% of Twitter users felt compelled to purchase after seeing an influencer tweet about the brand. People trust these influencers as much as they trust their friends. Your brand marketing through these personalities have high chances to deliver ROI. You can get popular YouTubers, film stars and other famous personalities to strategically feature your product in one of their photos/videos or even ask them to tell a story that positively relates to your brand. Besides products, you can also promote unique discount codes through them.

Build Loyal Customer Relationships

A single satisfied customer can indeed bring hundreds of businesses without a penny spent on advertisements. It starts the very moment a customer shows interest in your brand and continues even after the buying process has been completed. Loyal customers are your biggest assets as not only do they return to you for a business but, a satisfied customer will also do word-of-mouth publicity for your brand, giving you a continued business. Be there for your audience. Reply to their quarries in the comment section, direct messages feature, E-mail and more. It hits the emotional corner of the customer that takes their trust in your business to a whole other level. 

Besides the above tactics, a social media marketing company uses other tactics like using user-generated content on your page, educational content to entice an audience that shows your authority, ..etc, that can help your sales skyrocket, given the right measures are taken.

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