Instagram Shopping Ads

Instagram Shopping Ads: A Simpler Path to Purchase

Instagram shopping was launched in 2017 to bring an altogether new shopping experience. It is one of the favorites and rapidly growing platforms for online marketing and brand building.

Its statistics state that over 500 million active users use the stories feature every day, and most of them claim that it assists them in deciding about the purchase.

60% percent of the users say they discover new products on Instagram. Brands often partner with Instagram influencers and promote their products with shoppable posts. 61% of the marketers are planning to increase their investment in Instagram marketing in 2022.

The process of shopping on Instagram is made more convenient for the users, and they can discover shoppable products and purchases, from the main navigation menu itself. Instagram checkout smoothens the transaction process and makes the purchase easier, by allowing users to land on the purchase page from the ads page with a click. It does not stop here. It is continuously introducing a new feature to ease the shopping process for the users.

Instagram shopping Ads with product tags maximizes the reach by boosting the shoppable posts or creating the ad from scratch in the ads manager for more creative flexibility.

Shopping on Instagram gives people a visual storefront to explore new products from businesses they follow. It is easily accessible and provides detailed information about pricing and product details. Shoppers need to tap on a tagged post on their feed or through the shop button of a brand’s profile, where they are escorted to further steps of the purchasing process. Hiring a social media marketing agency to promote Instagram shop by brands can help increase clicks on their shopping Ads.

Shopping on Instagram allows you to explore a variety of brands and their products. You have multiple options to choose from as per your need. There are more than 200 million accounts of business profiles on Instagram. It can be a great way to connect with the brand that you love. If a product interests you, you can simply tap a button to view products. It will open up tags for all the products that have been tagged with the product name and price displayed on them. If you are interested in a particular item, you can click on the accompanying tag to get more info, without even leaving Instagram. If you want to continue with the purchase, you can click the “shop now” button that will take you to the corresponding product page and allow you to complete the purchase. Shopping cannot get easier and satisfying than this.

Various creative digital agencies provide Instagram advertising and shopping solutions that can ease the process for businesses that don’t have first-hand knowledge about shopping on Instagram.

Instagram ads allow you to picture yourself with the product more easily, check the given details and determine if you want to purchase the product. You can then get to the final payment page even without quitting the app.

Instagram allows you to shop on its various platforms. The process to shop through each of them is discussed in detail below.

a. Stories : You can go to the “stories” section of your favorite brand. Tap on the product sticker available that will take you to the product page and make the purchase. Stories appear on top of the app page.

b. Reels : Tap the “view product” option at the bottom of the shopping/product ad reel, and then tap to save something to your wish list. You can also tap on the product to view the product page and complete the purchase.

c. Instagram Live : Here, tap on the pinned products at the bottom of the live shopping video to add them to your cart. At the bottom of the live video, there is a shop-icon. Tap it to see other products you can buy on Instagram.

d. On the feed and explore section : Tap the post or the explore button at the bottom of the Instagram page. Tap the product’s picture to view the product/brand page and complete your purchase either on Instagram itself or on the shop’s website that you will be redirected to. For feeds, tap posts with the “cart” symbol to see the product name and the price.

e. On Instagram TV: Tapping at the bottom of the product video and tapping the product to view the product page and complete the purchase.

f. Instagram Shop: Tap at the bottom of the app, explore shops on Instagram or the shop’s website. You can use the search bar at the top to find shops and products.

Instagram marketing is set to boom in the coming years. As the number of users rises rapidly on the social media platform, Instagram is continuously upgrading and easing the purchasing services to encourage them to shop on it. It has been introducing new exciting features regularly and is expected to surprise the users in the near future too.