Umar Bhar Ka Vaada

Honoring the eternal bond between siblings, Nourish launched a DVC across media to showcase the love through food in its campaign #UmarBharKaVaada. A much loved and appreciated thought, the campaign showcased older siblings rather than younger ones usually seen during Raksha Bandhan to emphasis the timeless promise.

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Honoring a lifetime of love and understanding between a pair of sibling, Nourish launched its DVC #UmarBharKaVaada that unlike most Raskha Bandhan campaigns showed a senior citizen couple. Here too the brand leveraged a similar ideology of its counterpart Bail Kolhu - the mustard oil brand from the house of BL Agro - men cooking.

Press Release

Media was leveraged to promote this campaign and the bond and concept was well received by audiences - who had on a monotonous scale seen only younger siblings showcasing this same love through multiple campaigns around Raksha Bandhan.