Umar Bhar Ka Vaada

Honoring the eternal bond between siblings, Nourish launched a DVC across media to showcase the love through food in its campaign #UmarBharKaVaada. A much loved and appreciated thought, the campaign showcased older siblings rather than younger ones usually seen during Raksha Bandhan to emphasis the timeless promise.

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For brand Nourish, Leads Brand Connect launched the DVC #UmarBharKaVaada that unlike most Raskha Bandhan campaigns showed a senior citizen couple. The video was released on all social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Sharechat and DTH.

Press Release

Media was leveraged to promote this campaign and the bond and concept was well received by audiences - who had on a monotonous scale seen only younger siblings showcasing this same love through multiple campaigns around Raksha Bandhan. The campaign was promoted extensively through PR and was covered by major TV, print and digital news media.