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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

No marketing fluff, no vanity metrics. We have a strong incentive with a focus on ROI to deliver tangible results.

The true potential of a digital marketing company is to dive deeper in today’s vast and intricate cross-channel world and to discover strategies that make a significant impact on the larger mass.

By engaging customers in the digital space, you can build brand awareness and set yourself in focus and the forefront.

Digital marketing spreads across multiple digital touch points. These touch points allow the potential customers to interact with your brand and clearly understand what you are offering.

Digital Marketing Services

Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Social Media : The Brand Story

Leads BrandConnect specialises in storytelling — we unveil short, simple as well as longer and more complex stories. And we believe that stories not single posts work best in social media — as long as they are told and presented in a right way.

We have developed creative ads. So, we always strive to know and understand the brand before we proceed to the story. The story must be brand-driven, connected therewith, but at the same time it has to include the recipients.

We treat social media the same way as we treat other media. Therefore, both content and actions we implement are verified by creation managers and strategists on account of compliance with the brand and on account of quality.

Search Engine Optimization

Web Traffic that Actually Translates into ROI

Did you know the #1 result in Googles organic search result has an average CTR (click through rate) of 31.7%. 

SEO entails the process of making your website more findable or else knows as optimised. Our specialised SEO consultants use SEO marketing to help your website get traffic from organic and free search results from Google, Bing and Yahoo. In simple words, we can help you increase your website rankings and visibility, which will lead to more potential customers and revenue.

Email Marketing : Effective Automation

Create email lists and send professional looking emails to communicate your new products, offerings, announcements  and any other formal communication. Our team will help you choose the platform that will help you achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way.

Our experienced digital marketers will propose the best platform and our talented digital designers will design custom email template to help you communicate in a more professional manner.

Google Adwords & Social Advertisement

Maximise your ROI and Increase your Conversions

Online advertising is one of the most effective ways to help your business, regardless of its size, expand its reach and find new customers. At Leads BrandConnect, we combine the power of Google and social media ads to create effective advertising campaigns to maximise your ROI and increase your conversions.

Our experienced digital strategists can handle your online advertising needs and produce the best campaign strategy to maximise your performance. We can handle social media advertising strategies involving platforms like Facebook or even display and search marketing platforms like Google and YouTube. We also include other online advertising opportunities such as re-targeting, to display your message in a very targeted approach. Our ultimate objective is to help you achieve your goals through a tailored and effective campaign strategy.

Content marketing

They say content is king! And rightly so.

Content marketing though not outwardly promotional but does offer crucial and effective information, that helps educate and inspire consumers seeking that particular information. The right content can help you come across as a trustworthy brand and also lead to increase in potential customers.

Social media marketing

To make sure your social media marketing efforts go beyond active social media accounts, you must weave your strategy and efforts right.

Create and curate engaging content that the viewer is inspired with and is more likely to share or react to.

Ecommerce Marketing

Translate your business ideas into a digital reality and deliver a bug-free e-commerce front.

From theme installation, design & development and configuration of products, we you sail through the entire ecommerce cycle hassle free.

Mobile Marketing

A multi channel digital marketing strategy to tap on the relevant audiences through multiple devices.

Conversion rate optimization

Optimize pages and improve the probability of visitors taking an action without paying a bomb!

Lower your customer acquisition costs by increasing the value returns from both existing and new users.

Affiliate marketing

Thrive more with affiliates. Increase sales, target and retarget with recommendations.

Each time someone clicks the affiliate, the business earns a commission.

Online reputation management

Take control of your online conversations. Help people find relevant and meaningful results when they look for you on the internet.

Paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Relevant results at the relevant time have higher chances of being converted to sales.PPC ads are online behavior based tailor made ads that are chargeable and appear when certain search keywords are entered.


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