advertising trends 2023-2025

6 Incredible Advertising Trends To Be Expected In 2023-2025

A drastic change in consumer behaviour & psychology post-pandemic leads to several trends in the advertising industry.

Advertising is for the customer, to the customers & about the customers.

So, from time to time, it is a must for advertisers to adapt the new trends likeable to their targeted audience.

We’ve jotted down the top 6 advertising trends for 2023 & 2025 which will help your brand to connect with your audience in the most authentic way.

1. Authenticity Attracts Social Media Users

The major market evolves around Gen Z & Millennials who are looking for more authentic content on social media. If your brand is producing static content then it will be scrolled through & would never reach your audience.

Show the human side of your brand instead of the robotic side.

As per recent surveys, 75% of users active on social media are likely to engage with normal people's content instead of brands.

A few brands are already posting user-generated content instead of typical brand posts.

One of the best ways for a brand to connect with their customer is to add the spice of memes to their social media content strategy & add the human side of the brand.

Social Media is a place where users go to consume light content or for fun so be the fun they are looking for & make a connection with them that they can never forget.

2. Shorter Video Ads

Since Tik Tok has come into existence people tend to consume short video content. No one has the patience to watch long videos.

Recent surveys show that shorter videos are expected to gain 2.5% more engagement than longer videos.

Also, 25% of the users close out the long video ads within 10 sec & the next 25% within 20 sec. The users don’t actually have the time or patience to watch long video ads.

Moreover, in the world of social media where people spend more of their time, they also have the concept of shorter videos so shorter videos also work well to reach the targeted audience on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

As per the experts, ultra-short videos will be the hero in upcoming times.

3. No Sound is New Louder

Previously the suggested video or video ads on web pages were used to play with full volume which used to irritate people & result in an increase in bounce rate. The user tends to irritate the advertisement volume & close the web page.

As per the sources, the views on out-stream videos are more. These videos play automatically without sound & with subtitles. Also, these have a higher Click through & Engagement Rate than in-streaming videos.

According to Digiday, the sound is turned off by 85% of Facebook users while watching videos. Likewise, a study conducted by LinkedIn indicates that 79% of the videos on their platform are viewed without sound. Facebook also disclosed that using captions in videos leads to a 12% increase in viewing time.

4. Leveraging the Popularity Of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming app downloads increased by 45% in 2020. Gamers are dedicated, with 70% preferring mobile gaming over social media or TV.

In-game ads grab users' attention twice as much as online ads. Interstitial ads appear at stopping points in the game and take up the whole screen, while reward ads offer in-game rewards for watching the full video.

Over 70% of gamers prefer video ads to "pay" for in-game content. Companies like Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Ford are investing heavily in in-game ads. Molson Coors shifted its ad budget to capture the attention of 21 to 24-year-olds who got into mobile gaming during the pandemic.

5. AI Plays An Important Role In Advertising

With Chat GPT it is clear now that AI is the future & it’s here to stay forever. Be it for writing or analysing the data you can save hours of work.

As per the reports, In 2018, the AI industry was valued at $9.5 billion. A year later, in 2019, its valuation surged to $27 billion. The industry is projected to exceed $250 billion by 2027.

Also, Semrush's recent survey shows AI is vastly utilised in marketing & sales departments.

No one would like to pay you for hours of work that AI can do in a few minutes. So, no matter if advertisers refuse AI, it will play a prominent role in their day-to-day work.

6. Amazon Owns The Ad Space

Do you know Amazon is a player in the e-commerce ad space? It solely holds 75% of overall ad spending.

Amazon leads the pack with an impressive overall ad revenue surpassing $7 billion, while Wal-Mart takes second place with ad revenue of just over $1.5 billion.

In 2020, Amazon experienced an outstanding 23.5% growth in ad revenue. In the final quarter of that year, they achieved a year-over-year increase in ad revenue of 64%.

According to early 2021 reports, Amazon held a 10% share of the US digital ad market in 2020.

It is possible that starting from 2023, the platform will increase its focus on "sponsored products" shown in a user's search results.

These items are given top priority, appearing as the initial search results and also being listed at the bottom of the page.

The positioning of According to an advertising agency, 35% of Amazon shoppers click on the very first product displayed in their search results, while the first three products collectively receive 64% of all clicks. these products is crucial.

The advertising industry keeps evolving as per the changes in consumer behavior & psychology. You must have observed that the few brands are always on point when it comes to advertising because they work with the advertising agencies like Leads Brand Connect which keep watching out for trends. So, If you want your advertising game on point you know who to hire.

Curious to know what current advertising trends would be the best fit for your business? Good news for you, We are available for a quick discussion!