Pyaar Ki Barni

In 2022, LBC and brand Bail Kolhu decided to celebrate Rakshabandhan festival in a new avatar. Where brands focus on gifting chocolates, phones and clothes, we showcased a brother fulfilling his sister’s wish of having Maa ke haath ka achaar. A digital video campaign, #PyaarKiBarni was launched by Bail Kolhu few days before the Raksha Bandhan day.

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To celebrate the brother-sister bond, LBC launched Bail Kolhu #PyaarKiBarni digital video campaign on all social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Sharechat and DTH. The campaign video had an emotional and engaging narrative, created around the occasion, with seamless integration of the product. The film uniquely conveyed Brand proposition without actual mention of the Brand. The campaign was well received by the audience and garnered many positive organic reviews from marketing pundits and other viewers.

The campaign achieved engagement numbers much beyond the projections and expectations.


We promoted the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even leveraged on the influencer community to keep the buzz going. We even did a LIVE event on Facebook. Digital engagement being monitored in real time. We got the winners to go on a date as part of the contest where they experienced the emotions and love for food in a more personal way.

Press Release

The campaign was promoted extensively through PR and was covered by major TV, print and digital news media. The campaign was well received by the audience and created a buzz as it was rightly aired around Raksha Bandhan.