Swaad Se Samjhauta Nahi

As part of its brand strategy, the legendary brand Bail Kolhu had taken a public service initiative to shift the stereotypical notion of having women in the kitchen and advocate the participation of men in cooking. The same was conceptualized in this new TVC ‘SwadSeSamjhautaNahi’. The TVC also aimed to establish the Brand attribute of ‘Finest Taste’.

Services : Brand Strategy , Advertising, Film Production , Digital, PR,

Brand Strategy

When there was a need to strengthen the bond between the brand and consumers, the agency conceptualized the campaign ‘#SwaadSeSamjhautaNahin’. The campaign was planned with the objectives:

• To assist in increasing brand awareness • Make an emotional connection with the audience.


The TVC was unveiled during an event by Pankaj Tripathi and launched on national television channels on prime time on all major channels. The TVC showcased the 3 actors tracing their road to tasting success with hard work - while cooking their favourite dish in the kitchen.


With script lines such as "mazedar swaad unhi ko milta hai jinka kaam bolta hai," the TVC was run through the digital media as well and engaging social media campaigns were executed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We created such hard hitting and thought-provoking social media posts - that put the user at a spot to think why and how did this become so acceptable and why this needs to change. The same thought expanded through a narrative ran on radio channels to promote the idea behind this latest TVC.


The TVC promotes the long-established mustard oil brand Bail Kolhu and positions it as the best choice for real taste with script lines like “kya chuna aapne asli swaad ke liye? Bail Kolhu." The campaign concept #RasodeMeinMardHai, was taken on-ground as well with the brand’s team interviewing people about the role of men in their kitchens. The interactive videos were also posted on digital media where audiences engaged with their views about the tradition.

Press Release

The TVC served a dual goal - the first -to position Bail Kolhu mustard oil as the best choice to bring out flavour while cooking. The second crafted with more subtlety - break the preconceived notion that the kitchen is solely a woman's arena, and she alone should be accountable for all the work that comes with it, from cooking to cleaning. With this new approach and the first from a cooking oil brand, the media went into a frenzy - and helped boost our PR strategy of introducing this never seen concept in an edible oil brand as the highlight. More than 100+ PR Links both print and digital were made assets to expand this thought and vision. The campaign was picked again by Financial Express as 'Work That Speaks'.