The Power of a Well-Planned Branding Strategy

The story of how we came up with an impactful brand strategy with a powerful logo and brand colours and building a solid social media presence for the Auditor’s Desk.

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When AuditorsDesk- An Audit Management Software, came on board with us, they didn't have a specific communication or brand strategy that aligned with their vision or mission. Our brand builders take up the challenge to build an impactful and tech-savvy brand strategy for their SaaS product. Our strategy includes building a reliable online community for their TG and establishing their brand identity online and offline.

Rebranding - New Logo, Color Theme, Brand Element Design

For any name to become a brand, it has to have an essence that captivates, connects, and leaves a lasting impression on people.

AuditorsDesk was not very pleased with the logo and designs they were following and wanted a makeover. We studied the main players in the business - their logo, and colour theme to get an idea of what is in the market. We also study symbols, fonts, and colours that align with the world of auditing and AI and testify to growth, innovation, professionalism, and intellect. After all this, we combined all these factors and came up with a creative, appealing, and interesting new colour, logo, and website.


The logo features an impossible triangle, emphasising the commitment of AuditorsDesk toward fraud detection in auditing. Mirroring the iconic fraud triangle, the new logo symbolises accuracy and easy compliance while using AudititorsDesk software for auditing.

The intersection and overlapping lines represent a visual assurance of integrity and trust and subtly communicate their dedication to transparency in financial audits. Overall, it is a powerful message that with AuditorsDesk, effective auditing isn't just a goal – it's a possibility.


Colours impact buyers' decision-making. Different hues influence human choices. We chose blue and green for AuditorsDesk to evoke trust and vitality. Blue represents reliability and trustworthiness, while green signifies accuracy and transparency. Deep shades of these hues indicate expertise, appealing to both auditors and organisations. This creates a strong belief that AuditorsDesk is an accurate and dynamic solution for their auditing needs.

Stationaries & Merchandise

The branded stationary and merchandise improved their brand image and helped them continuously and intrusively promote their business. Brand stationary and merchandise are the less materialistic things that put your brand at the forefront of your clients. They will share with customers and business associates that your business is professional, stylish, credible, and attentive to detail.


The old website didn't complement the client's software or their vision, so we redesigned the user-friendly website, adding the tech elements. Our creative tech heads designed the site layout to leave an impact on the visitors by cooperating with the same colour palate we used while designing the logo.

Social Media

Like any other business, AuditorsDesk also requires a social media presence to build a community for its SaaS products. To leverage the auditor's community, we made AuditorsDesk an active presence on LinkedIn & Twitter by following a different content strategy instead of discussing the AuditorsDesk software features or benefits for CA. We use a different approach to post interesting, informative content in which our TG would be highly interesting.

Carousels Post- Carousels posts include the case study of auditing for the industry's top firms, which interests people, Infographics- These focused on sharing the different industry's revenues and growth, Blogs- Our social media communication strategy incorporates educational blogs for their Targeted Audience, Trending Topics: Weekly static posts on the industry updates, scams, government updates, etc., Promotional posts- A static post highlighting the pain point of CAs and giving solutions on how AuditorsDesk can help.


In alignment with their brand identity, we designed a few exhibit designs for them at big events happening in the tech or AI industries.