Nutricircle Case Study

An R&D and science-based company has introduced nutrition-based plant protein isolates. Nutricircle is a BSE-listed nutraceutical and healthcare company that works towards making nutrition more sustainable for consumers. With improved protein profiles, the company ensures raw material and supply chain quality to provide a fair return to farmers. As the plant-based protein concept is novel, we faced the challenge of creating a website and packaging that helped the target audience understand the brand and its products at first sight. We infused distinct visuals and a verbal landscape into everything, from the website to product packaging.

Services : Advertising, Brand Strategy ,


When Nutricircle approached us for a website and a few product launches, our tech-savvy team took on the challenge of designing a smooth, sleek, user-friendly website. We infused minimalist- subtle colours, plant food illustrations, and catchy conversion-driven copy embodying brand value and user experience. The result? A spectacular website that impressed the client!

Product Packaging

Simultaneously, The client launched new nutriceutical products for which we were assigned to create impressive branding and packaging. Our innovative designers and creative heads channelled the client's appreciation into designing the packaging for three products (My45 Nutrients, GoSlender, and Fly High), maintaining the brand's core and adhering to industry standards. For the. idea of bringing the vision to life, we used plant colours and health elements to construct a brand identity that the customers can relate with.


We also designed and built exhibits for Nutricircle to launch their products at significant events like AAHAR 2023 in New Delhi, building their brand identity and trust among their targeted audience. At LBC, we don't just design; we integrate brand core and targeted audience elements into the entire creative process.