Agrani Case Study

Leads Connect Services, a leading agri-tech company, approached us to develop a SaaS platform- AGRANI. Their aim with AGRANI was to create a one-stop solution for the entire agriculture value chain to connect farmers and other stakeholders in the agri ecosystem.

Services : Advertising, Brand Strategy , Digital,

Designing & Development

We took the challenge into our own hands with all our hearts to develop a comprehensive and easily accessible SaaS-based platform. Our UI/UX designers worked hard to create an attractive, functional design for an exceptional user experience. The tech team used bleeding-edge technology skills to build a user-friendly platform. Using modern technology skills, we ensured that AGRANI would be a game changer in the agri-tech marketplace. The platform has been carefully broken down into three modules – Sathi, Kisaan, and Pro- with different concepts and ideologies. We used agile practices throughout our development so we could change quickly as the project developed. AGRANI was designed using a scalable model and can grow with changing requirements in agricultural value chains. The user interface was developed to allow natural and easy navigation among users to increase engagement. Extensive usability testing was done with users' input to enhance and fine-tune the platform. This led to a responsive, robust, and smooth SaaS solution for the agri-tech industry's requirements.

Company Brand Positioning

Our brand positioning was focused on AGRANI's mission of making it possible to grow affordable, sustainable, scalable, and profit-creating businesses for agriculture in India. The messaging underscored AGRANI's agenda of linking the farm's value chains and supporting the various stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem. This gave AGRANI an innovative and socially responsible brand with a strong story narrative aligned with its innovation, collaboration, and sustainability-driven values.

Social Media Engagement

Our social media strategy aimed to highlight AGRANI's role within the agriculture value chain in line with this trending move. Interesting content featured industry insights and how the platform impacted positive change. The platform's various features were demonstrated with explanatory videos and static posts, thus creating an air of expectancy and excitement amongst the targeted customers.

New Logo Design

Rebranding of AGRANI’s logo was an integral process towards redressing the company’s visual identity.