Once Upon A Flavour

When Once Upon A Flavor reached out to us for the launch of their pickles, they needed a clear idea or brand name on how to outstand the product in the competitive market. The brief was clear to craft the branding strategy from scratch, encompassing a name, logo, packaging, and promotion on the right channels that resonate with its Target Audience. Our enthusiastic brand builders employed their holistic approach to develop a nostalgic idea and strategy, which helped them establish an identity as a premium pickle brand in India.

Services : Advertising, Digital,

Brand Name

To begin with, we had the challenge of giving the entire brand strategy a name, which will determine the entire branding strategy. Pickle is not just something we eat but an emotion that takes us to the memory lane of our childhood. The idea of giving a name to the client's pickle range,** "Once Upon A Flavor,"** hits nostalgia. It means the pickle flavour will take you back to a time in your childhood when you enjoyed savoury pickles made by your Nani, Dadi, or Mom.


Spices are the soul and heart of pickles; we designed the logo to capture the essence of the spices. We incorporated the nostalgia and spices-infused approach in it.


While packaging also works as a portable billboard for your brand, it also is an effective way to communicate with your customers directly. We depicted the nostalgic and spices-infused notion while creating OUAF packaging along with storytelling. Stories interest and fascinate people, which is why we used the storytelling concept on the product's packaging. Each story tells an interesting or nostalgic tale on pickles.

Social Media

Any brand needs to utilize the right channel for their product while making the marketing strategy live. Since the brand was new, it was required to establish its brand image. What's the best platform than social media to spread brand awareness? We utilized social media to spread brand awareness where their target audience spent most of their time- Instagram and Facebook. We pushed static posts on their social media to make a fuzz on OUAF (Once Upon A Flavor).