How Instashield Got the Best Branding Identity?

In the post-COVID era, when everyone around us was unsure about their physical or mental health. A wellness device- InstaShield- emerged to protect us against various potential pathogens. It releases electrons that fight these pathogens and protect us from catching the virus. InstaShield approached our branding agency, Leads Brand Connect, to recreate the brand essence that captivates, connects, and leaves a lasting impression on people. Our branding experts took on the challenge of playing the 360-degree launch plan to establish themselves as industry leaders in their respective industries.

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When InstaShield approached our Ad Agency in Noida, they were just a startup. Our brand builders turned them into a brand by providing our holistic solutions to redefine their brand image. It helped them achieve their business goals in a competitive market.


“Health meets tomorrow.” As the world moves towards technology and global interaction. The threats to human lives due to life-threatening diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi also increase. By Health Meets Tomorrow - we convey a message to be future-ready for a holistic and conscious life with revolutionary breakthrough technology. Our aim is to give people a sense of security that with InstaShield, they can embark on a journey of healthier, happier, and more balanced tomorrow.


Our expert designers designed the packaging to convey an exclusive and luxurious product image. The colours and elements of packaging are not just aesthetic; they have a meaning. Instashield utilises technology to release electrons that combat viruses, bacteria, and fungi. These electrons are not visible. However, To inform their target audience about the electrons, we used visionary bubbles, which symbolise the electrons. The colourful bubbles against a black background symbolise hope amidst darkness.


A good user experience is important in today’s digital world. Hence, we focused our attention on building a website that gives a smooth user experience and makes visitors want to stay on the website longer. Based on the insights, colours, and bubbles used on the packaging, our tech & creative heads have built a sleek and innovative website that aligns well with the brand’s core values and Targeted Audience.


Along with the digital space, we designed a few exhibits for InstaShield. Our aim was to establish a brand identity for their revolutionary wellness device amongst the industry leaders in the offline world. Do you want to amplify your brand’s impact just like Instashield? Leads Brand Connect is just the answer you need!