Bingo Ka Bhokal UP Mein

In a dynamic world of advertising, 34% of people trust print media more than any other digital media. Being a holistic 360 advertising agency we also have worked for the print media for many opstimic brands like Bingo Tedhe Medhe to build their brand credibility.

Tasked with creating a compelling and creative print media campaign for the retailers in Uttar Pradesh. We crafted creatives and content by infusing the existing brand identity with a vibrant and unique UP aura.

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Tagline- “Bingo Ka Bhokal UP Mein”

After brainstorming & channelizing our creative minds, we came up with a tagline that not only has the UP’s lingo but the campaign impact in UP.


The creative approach was to infuse the brand identity, the madness of Bingo Tedhe Medhe, and the vibrant culture of Uttar Pradesh all in one. In a nutshell, our creatives for the print media of Bingo Tedhe Medhe in Uttar Pradesh reflect the soul of the brand while integrating with the local culture.