Ferticheck Case Study

A Digital Communication Strategy to Persuade the Targeted Audience with Real-Life Solutions. The brief was clear: spread awareness of Ferticheck and highlight its Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Ferticheck is a fertility lab that conducts tests in the convenience of your home and delivers the Semen analysis report in just 30 minutes. The challenge was to present the same USP from a different perspective, using compelling visuals. Additionally, to tap into the stigma of visiting the fertility labs, and providing them with a solution to conduct the test in the comfort of their home.

Services : Digital, Advertising,

Content Approach

What comes to mind when you think of a fertility lab? A lab, tubes, clinic, or doctors right? However, we took a unique approach to connect their USP of 30-minute reports and home tests to real-life situations, such as pizza delivery, instant noodles, flight delays, and binge-watching favorite web series. We also employed an approach of educated and informative content which ultimately emphasized the importance of fertility tests among people.

Pizza Or Groceries Delivery

Just like receiving pizza in 30 minutes, fertility reports can also be delivered to their doorsteps within 30 minutes.

Binge Watch Netflix Or News

We planted the idea in their minds that if they can spare more than 30 minutes for a favorite show on Netflix, why not invest the same time in getting a fertility test done, something crucial for their life and family?

Flight Delays/Travel Plans/Meetings

Drawing an analogy with flight delays, the concept aimed to highlight that a 30-minute fertility test won’t disrupt their daily tasks, meetings or even travel plans as Semen Analysis provides results in just 30 minutes.

Fast & Accurate

While emphasizing on USP of fastest results, we also ensured their TG that the speed delivery of reports won’t compromise on the accuracy. It is very important to clarify and make them content about the accuracy of the fast results.

Tapping On To The Stigma

Visting to a fertility clinic or lab is still a stigma in our modernized world. Through our communication strategy, we also tapped into this taboo & provided the targeted audience with a solution to be confident by getting the fertility tests done in the comfort of their homes.

30-Min Clock Ticking

Using visuals and content with a 30-minute countdown, we aimed to provide a sense of relief, assuring them that peace of mind is achievable in just 30 minutes.


The overarching approach was to prompt people to question their choices, offer solutions, illustrate with convenient examples, and educate and inform them.