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B L AGRO has been a pre independence establishment that has carved its way out in the highly competitive and fast moving FMCG space. With a TVC for Nourish, they were planning to increase their audience through brand engagement and awareness

The task at hand was big, the responsibilities high. But like every other project we made sure we delivered a brilliant ad concept for brand Nourish – the FMCG front of BL AGRO Industries Ltd. The concept was launched with the first ever TVC campaign for the brand featuring Shilpa Shetty Kundra.

Services :


The TVC was launched across prominent TV channels and also shared on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram of the client. As soon as the TVC was aired, The e-commerce website traffic boomed and order and enquiries were on the rise. During the first month itself we received a monthly traffic of more than 2 lac unique users.


Our client Nourish has always advocated that a nation should grow in health, and while most consumers today are much aware about good eating habits, and choosing products wisely, it does more often than not become a struggle to find the right ones. Which is why regular LIVE sessions with nutrition experts were held on Facebook for users to understand the idea of eating good nutritious food better.

Press Release

Since this was the launch of the first ever TVC of the brand, media was used extensively to promote the new brand ambassador and the brand's ideology. Through Shilpa Shetty, the aim was to increase brand awareness and reach. For a brand that comes with the promise of nutrition, the ambassador was of similar stature and this was exactly what the media coverage communicated.